My style for going through 7 Days to Die Quests has changed with alpha 21. Instead of following the journey that the creators intended I try to start by approaching from the highest ground. From here I am able to not get trapped in by a horde of Zombies and apply more stealth to every quest. Even though this removes some of the jump scares and the narrative a bit, it has been way more fun taking on more difficult quests with less ammo.

This is more of an agility build as well. Since I can jump high enough to avoid zombies even when I no longer have ammo. The key here is to be able to back track to a safe place nearly at all times.

Challenge: When doing it this way it can be more difficult to find all the Zombies that need to be cleared.

One way to work through this challenge is by using the same strategy I use when needing to go through a maze.

Partial Solution: Putting your right hand on the right wall and going through the entire floor/building this way.